Responsible for individual and team sales performance in the designated region with the objective of introducing our products to new customers, support current customers, and maximize sales.


Duties & Responsabilities

- Develop strategies and sales channels:

  • Business development to search, attract and retain customers.
  • Search and attract specification projects.
  • Customer service (installers, distributors, architecture studios, engineering firms, developers, and construction companies).
  • Provide sales management for new and current accounts.

- Develop strategies and sales channels:

  • Project monitoring from start to finish.
  • Project drafting.

  • Preparation, monitoring and negotiation of offers and projects.

- Develop strategies and sales channels:

  • Relations with developers/promoters, distributors, Reps, builders, installers depending on the phase of the project.

  • Technical support for post-sales: attention and set-up for post-sales installation. Technical assistance to the different channels (developers, builders, installers, etc). Technical post-sale coordination.


Basic Training Required

  • BS degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
  • Experience working with ERP/CRM and online sales tools.



  • Min. 3 years in HVAC Applied Sales.


Other requirements

  • Effective communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Spanish is a plus
  • Willing to travel within the territory.
  • Able to read footprints and plans.
  • Knowledge in LEED is a plus.

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Analyze, implement and supervise the execution of market marketing plans in their relationship with professional markets, corporate development, and coordination with the communication department.


Duties & Responsabilities

- Market Research:

  • Identify and know the needs of internal customers (technical-commercial-prescribernetwork), real and potential customers to help them with marketing and communication decisions.
  • Observe and investigate trends, the positioning of the product and service in relation to the market, the presence of the competition.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys to customers and users in order to improve market knowledge and propose improvements based on the results of these.
  • Propose improvements in the communication strategy.

- Project Coordination:

  • Organization and coordination of participation in fairs and events: preparation of the annual calendar, contracting of services, control of budgets, monitoring of payments by suppliers and coordination of these suppliers both externally and internally, prepair and creation of a database with all contacts acquired thanks to participation in fairs. The work in CRM-Campaigns will be indispensable to evaluate the return of the company's participation in fairs and events.

  • Management and monitoring of the assigned marketing market budget.

  • Information to the markets of the novelties and specific events related to the product and its promotion.

  • Together with the communication department manage communication campaigns.

  • Manage the launches and reviews of catalogs and other marketing tools in different markets, with special emphasis on evaluating and monitoring the performance of digital marketing tools such as the company's website and social networks.

  • Together with the communication department, coordinate our presence in the media and maintain relationships with advertising and communication agencies to increase notoriety.

  • Follow up on the projects to obtain the correct achievement of the objectives set for that project.


- Ensure quality of service:

  • Monitoring and supervision of the entire cycle of needs, requirements and solutions applied to customers (internal and external) seeking their satisfaction, and quality in the executed process.

  • Know and apply the established internal quality processes.

  • If applicable, propose improvements to internal processes in order to gain efficiency globally in the company.

- Manage market communication plans:

  • Develop communication actions based on budget and objectives with market managers and Product Manager.


- Customer attraction and loyalty:

  • Support for commercial prospecting, customer support and communication tools,surveys, social networks, etc.

Basic training required

  • Degree in marketing and market research.
  • Desirable knowledge in specific tools in the field and previous knowledge of event management.


Other requirements

  • Necessary high English, preferably native American English.

  • Creativity: thinking "Out of the box" leads to exciting campaigns that grab attention and generate sales

  • Data analysis: feeling comfortable entering and interpreting data to draw sensible conclusions

  • Sales – understanding the target audience and presenting them with information ina way that leads to a positive impression of the company increases profits

  • Organizational skills – managing the efforts of multiple people and departments to achieve desired outcomes requires staying on top of things and collaborating widely.

  • Problem-solving skills: Critical examination helps identify the reasons behind situations, such as why sales figures were lower than anticipated, a new product launch campaign has not achieved the expected results, or why an Internet campaign is not generating enough traffic.


Place of work: Málaga Office

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